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Prestigious Superbrand Award- 2015 Achievement in Chyawanprash Category

Arogya Expo 2016, Varanasi
Ayush Department of India organize 4 days Arogya Expo- 2016 in Varanasi at Banaras Hindu University Campus.

Baidyanath Phuket Trip 2014-15
Baidyanath Phuket Trip 2014-15

All India Ayurvedic Conference 2014-15
All India Ayurvedic Conference 2014-15

Baidyanath Kashmir Trip 2014-15
Baidyanath Kashmir Trip 2014-15

Baidyanath Trip Somnath & Dwarika 2014-15
Baidyanath Trip Somnath & Dwarika 2014-15

BaidyaNath Insten Orange Glucose-C
Baidyanath Introduces New Insten orange Glucose- C in market. This inten orange combines the benifits of Calcium and Vitamin C along with the goodness of orange flavour to replenish essential vitamins minerals and body salt, which refreshes and energizes when consumed.

Arogya Expo 2014-15 jaipur
Arogya Expo 2014-15 jaipur

Baidyanath Chyawanprash tasting Activity in Rajasthan
Baidyanath Chyawanprash tasting Activity in Rajasthan

Baidyanath at Arogya Expo, Pragati Maidan 2014
Baidyanath Presence in Arogya Expo 2014

Mr. Ajay Sharma, President Shree Baidyanath Ayurved at Dhoomimal Art Gallery, Delhi
The Dhoomimal Gallery, one of the city’s most renowned art galleries, held the ceremony for the Ravi Jain Annual Awards on Wednesday evening at their gallery in Connaught Circus, New Delhi. Ajay Sharma, scion of Shree Baidyanath Ayurved and art connoisseur, the chief guest for the evening, handed out awards to the deserving winners, a scholarship of Rs. 20,000 each, which is sponsored by The Ravi Jain Memorial Foundation. The ceremony was also a tribute to the legendary art critic Keshav Malik, who passed away earlier this year. This year’s winners include Savita Devi Yadav (Painting), Ashish Pradiprao Deshmukh (Painting), Bhakti Bhushan De (Sulpture), Vijay (Sculpture). The awards are given to young artists and sculptors who have shown remarkable talent in their respective fields and are judged by a diverse jury consisting of art critics, senior artists, diplomats and art lovers. This year’s jury comprised of Mr. Ajay Sharma (Industrialist and Art Connoisseur), Prayag Shukla (Senior Art Critic), Nand Katyal (Senior Artist), Ram Sutar (Senior Sculptor) and Dr. Shruti Tandon (Doctor and Art Connoisseur).

Ajay Sharma, a third generation entrepreneur, was very impressed with the young artists, who he believed are willing to experiment with new techniques and art forms. “It’s always a joy to see new talent in the field of art. In their eagerness to make a mark and establish themselves, they always bring something unique to the table.” An old student of preeminent artist Prokash Karmakar, Ajay has always had a keen eye for art. When asked about this year’s winners, he was all praise. “It was difficult to choose a winner amongst so many talented artists, the level of sophistication and flair showed by these young artists is extraordinary“, said he.

The Ravi Jain Memorial Foundation organizes the Ravi Jain Annual Awards in memory of the late Director of the Dhoomimal Gallery, Mr. Ravi Jain. Started in 1992, the awards and the related exhibition showcase art works ranging from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 90,000. Past winners and artists who have received recognition due to the Ravi Jain Annual Awards include Hemraj, Dharmedra Rathore, M.S.C.Satya Sai, Mohan Malviya, Satadru, Somnath Singh, Nidhi Aggarval and Rajani Dhanewar, all prominent figures in their respective fields now. The ceremony was attended by art lovers and artists alike.

Baidyanath Organized Vaidya Paricharcha in Hanumangarh and Sriganga Nagar
Baidyanath Organized Vaidyanath Paricharcha in Hanumangarh and Sriganga Nagar on 20/09/2014 & 21/09/2014

Baidyanath Asav-Arista Lucky Draw 2014-15
Baidyanath organized Asav- Arista Lucky Draw in Hotel Clarks Inn grand, Gorakhpur dated on 7 Sep 2014 for Valuable Retailers.

Baidyanath Chyawanprash Family Marketing Campaign 2014-15
Baidyanath Organize Chyawanprash Family Marketing campaign 2014-15 in Nainital with Company officers.

SHAKRAVALLABH RAS is available in 5 tab, 10 tab & 25 tab packing
Baidyanath, Naini introduce new packing of Shakravallabh Ras in 5 Tab, 10 Tab and 25 Tab i.e available in the market.

Baidyanath Puri,Orissa Trip 2014-15
Baidyanath Puri Trip

Baidyanath Annual Dealers Meet 2014-15
Baidyanath Annual Dealers Meet 2014-15, Ramnagar, Uttarakhand

Baidyanath Annual Dealers Meet 2014-15 Rajasthan
Baidyanath Annual Dealers Meet 2014-15 Rajasthan

Baidyanath Malaysia Tour 2013-14
Baidyanath Ayurveda organize a group tour for Malaysia for valuable retailers and dealers.

Baidyanath Mahotsav & Lucky draw 2013-14, Varanasi
Baidyanath organize a lucky draw for Faizabad and Varanasi zone retailers and gold card members on 2 March 2014 in Hotel Hindustan International, Varanasi.

Baidyanath Mahautsav and Lucky Draw- 2013-14, Jaipur
Baidyanath Mahautsav and Lucky Draw

Baidyanath Amla Freshh Launch in Jaipur in Fab 2014
Honorable president of Baidyanath Shri Ajay Sharma launch Baidyanath Amla freshh juice in Jaipur.

Baidyanath lucky draw 2012-13 held in Jaipur
Lucky draw held in Jaipur 2012-13

Baidyanath Snow Utsav 2012-13 in Manali
Baidyanath Snow Utsav, Manali 2012-13

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